Office Design

Office interior design impacts  the psychological and emotional well being of employees and thus productivity. An Office is a place of innovation, inspiration and motivation.

We design your office with the best interior design ideas ensuring the all employees feel active and friendly working environment. We focus on the needs of the clients and offer them the best possible outcome.

Trends in Commercial Office interior design keeps on evolving with time. Commercial Interior designers at Crabdrop keep themselves updated with latest trend to offer the best possible services.

Oh! Crap it’s Monday again!!!” This is what happens with employees on a Monday morning. But the scenario will be different if the office environment and interiors are smart and creative.

It seems very boring to go to a faded white office, having boring cubicles with no refreshing touch of energizing elements. Most of us give at least 9 hours to the office in a single day. If the work environment is poor and not refreshing, the efficiency of the employees will obviously go down.



Who doesn’t like an organized space with good ambiance!! Being the best interior designers in Kolkata, we understand that our environment has to do a lot with our mental stability, the same applies to office interior design. Office design is vital to both the employees working there as well as the customers. Employees spend a large part of their day in the office. It is crucial to create a space that is functional, visually appealing, inviting, and comfortable to promote productivity and improve the efficiency of employees.  For customers or clients, office interior design sets the tone for a business and helps them understand a story about the brand, professionalism, and success. Crabdrop, one of the leading and award winning interior designers in Kolkata has unique design ideas for your office space. It is a home interior design company in Kolkata that offers  a wide range of services like –Residential interior designers, Commercial interior designers, Hospitality interior designers and many other services.

Interior design—no matter what the location—influences people’s moods, attitudes, and everything in between.  That is why creating a space conducive for owners, employees, along with customers is becoming a necessity and with time, demand of best interior designers in Kolkata is increasing day by day.

Employees spend more time in their office than they do at home. Well-designed offices or employee-friendly work environment helps in boosting employee morale, productivity, efficiency, and overall attitude in the office. We, interior designers in Kolkata come up with the ideas that make the office a place employees want to stay, not where they are forced to stay.

The office interior design says a lot about the company and is one of the direct factors that reveal the current status of the company. If an office is cluttered or poorly designed, clients might think the same about the company.  On the other hand, if the office is organized, pleasing, and well-thought-out designed, people will have a nice first impression about the brand, what it stands for, its success which promotes confidence in the business.  In this regard, office interior design can be called “dress for success.”So, if you want your employees to be active and efficient, contact Crabdrop, top interior designers in Kolkata.

Best Interior designers believe that Office interior design should reflect the purpose and function of the business. For instance, a lawyer’s office may look more sophisticated design with darker colors and straight lines, while a graphic design office may have bright colors and creative designs.  This is an important factor considered by the interior designers while designing the office because it shows the business’s function and purpose.

The interior design of the space be it home, restaurant, office etc. consciously and subconsciously influences people’s moods and energy.  Office interiors play a major role in influencing the emotions of employees, customers, owners. Therefore, before establishing any office, the owner needs to consult top interior designers in Kolkata. With the help of commercial interior designers in Kolkata, you can get the same look as you wanted for your office interior design to be. Choosing interior designers is the most important decisions a company has to make for creating an identity and a healthy workplace.

Top interior designers in Kolkata believe that “Good office interior design is a balanced mixture of both science and emotion.

Successful businessmen spend their time and energy in choosing best office interior designers ensuring their offices are well-designed.  Interior design companies in Kolkata help to create a healthy workplace, an office environment that enhances and supports the success of a business.

The best interior designers maintain both functionality and style simultaneously in the space. Our team looks for maximum efficiency in terms of highlighting the products into a very inviting space with a pleasant ambiance overall. Commercial interior design plays a crucial role in the success of a business. Our interior designers prioritize functionality without compromising style.

Interior designers at Crabdrop are good at exploring and discovering the designs until it matches perfectly with the space we are designing. Along with designing residential spaces and private homes, best office interior designers at Crabdrop provide full interior design services for businesses and companies looking to trick out their work spaces in Kolkata.

Good interior design is rewarding and not always expensive :

Sometimes, expenditure is what that put owner in worry. The fact is, to renovate your office interior design you do not need to spend so much. There are low cost interior designers in Kolkata that offer interior design services in lower budgets. If you are looking for interior designers near me, Crabdrop is one of the best options to go with. There are certain factors that are considered by the Interior designers at Crabdrop to make the office interior design filled with energy and creativity keeping in mind that budget should be Reasonable. Those factors are as follows –

  • Go for Eco-friendly office interior decoration :

In everything, we must always remember the environment which has a great impact on your business.

The top interior designing company always make sustainable choices. If we care about the environment, it will care for us. Best interior designers in Kolkata always suggest opting for an environmentally friendly office. Because this is a really good way to renovate your office and make your employees happy.

  • Colorful office interior design create a great impact on employees’ minds:

Colors bring about a huge change in our life. Interior decorators in Kolkata splash motivational, inspiring, soothing colors throughout the office to keep employees motivated and energetic.

Interiors company in Kolkata know very well that color psychology is a big thing. Green, blue, yellow, pink and purple are some colors that can help transform the office environment and boost creativity, enthusiasm, and productivity.

  • Businesses rely on the output of the employees :

A good workspace improves the working quality of the employees. According to the top interior designing company in Kolkata, working in a little bubble of the cubicle is quite boring. For that reason, interior designer for office suggests modular office cubicles.

So, keep in mind that falling revenue may also be caused due to poor infrastructure. We are famous interior designers in Kolkata and provide customized office interior design within your budget. So, without thinking twice, contact us to get best interior design services.