Commercial Design

Whether you’re opening a new restaurant, hotel or redesigning your office space, you can’t ignore commercial interior design. It’s very important to select designs that go well with the architecture, work well with your daily tasks, and most importantly impress customers and clients.

A good Commercial interior design is a perfect balance between functionality and the style of the space. Best interior designers in Kolkata looking for maximum efficiency in terms of highlighting the products into a very inviting space with a pleasant ambiance overall.

Commercial interior design plays a crucial role in the success of a business. Best interior designers prioritize functionality without compromising style. The infrastructure of a business matters a lot in its growth. Hiring low cost interior designers in Kolkata that offer the best interior designing can help your business reach new heights of success.

Interior designers at Crabdrop are good at exploring and discovering the designs until it matches perfectly with the space we are designing.

Along with designing residential spaces and private homes, interior designer for office at Crabdrop provide full office interior design services for businesses and companies looking to trick out their workspaces in Kolkata. Choosing the best Interior design companies in Kolkata for your place can make your place look more engaging and inviting.



It is not possible to build a company every day, relocate it, or expand upon a current location, which is why the beginning of these types of projects needs to be taken seriously. The first step for a project like this is creating a team of employees to work on the project. Depending on the project size, the owner has to include a structural engineer, architect, project manager, and an interior designer.

Interior designers do much more than decorating the space, including the six-step process outlined below. Find out the importance of involving best interior designers in Kolkata from the very beginning of the project. Let us find out what steps are followed by Crabdrop, famous interior designers in Kolkata to make the project successful.

Defining the scope :

In the preliminary meeting, we define the scope of services we provide. These could include feasibility studies, space planning, tenant development, furniture specifications, art and accessory programs, project management, bid management, budget analysis, design concepts, finish specifications, move management, post-occupancy evaluations, etc.

Programming :

During this phase, Crabdrop, the best interior designers in Kolkata will work to establish a timeline for the project and also make sure that all the requirements of the customer are falling under the given budget.

Schematic :

In the schematic design phase, we combine the insight gained in programming and discuss with the design expertise regarding design solutions. This process involves –

  • drawings: proposed space plans, detail drawings, elevations, 3D sketches, animated walk through
  • budgets
  • material samples
  • product cut sheets
  • product mock-ups


Design development :

In this phase luxury interior designers in Kolkata refine the concepts approved in the schematic phase along with finalizing specifications of furniture and finishes, equipment, lighting, materials, and budgets. After this step, interior designers really get a feel for the overall design function and visually see it all come together.

Construction documentation : 

Depending on the project size, architect, construction team, project manager, interior designers will frequently meet during this stage to ensure the smooth flow of the work. Final drawings are put together in order for the construction to begin.

Construction administration : 

This is where the best interior designers begin to play the role of a project manager, a project is built-out based on the documented design and specifications made in the previous phases. Administration may include:

  • Periodic inspection of work progress
  • Review and approval of submittals
  • Punch lists
  • Authorization for payment
  • As-built document production

As you can see, it is important for the interior designers to get involved in a commercial interior design project from the very beginning to make it successful. So, if you are looking to make an official change, large or small, hire us, a commercial interior designer because we ensure the project goes smoothly and stays on time and on a budget!

We offer customized commercial interior design services to fulfill your needs within the budget. Our top interior designers have huge experience in this sector and also have done diverse projects and got success. Our interior design services are inspired by modern design and unique concept. Top interior designers at Crabdrop are full of innovative ideas and always try to provide the unique home interior design services. Our company is a well-managed interior designer company in Kolkata that provides reliable services to the customers.

Crabdrop, famous interior designers in Kolkata and is known for extraordinary commercial interior decoration and development. With our advanced ideas and concepts for commercial interior decoration, we try to enhance the appearance of the space to fullest. So choose us if you are thinking about designing your interior commercial part.

  • We provide a preview of your commercial residence designing through computer imaging.
  • The visual expert team of Crabdrop, hospitality interior designers in Kolkata take the suggestions from customers and do the change according to demands. If the customers are not able to decide the design or get confused, they also help to choose the best visual designing for commercial interior designing.

We hope you must have understood the importance of Interior designing in this age. Never leave a single factor that can make your business reach a peak. We are the best residential interior designers in Kolkata and would love to work with the people who are searching for the low cost interior designers in Kolkata. We design and decorate space as per our client’s demands and make them feel comfortable and enjoy their space.